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Work long hours?
comfortable eyes.

The #1 Eye Break Reminder App for Eye Strain Symptoms

Bonsai gives frequent breaks for your eyes.
Preventing eye strain and vision loss.

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Protect your eyes - you'll need them.

Follow recommendations from eye health professionals

"...increased screen time is associated with higher risks of an unhealthy diet, cognitive outcome, interpersonal relationships, and quality of life"


"[Take] regular breaks from the screen, [change] focus to a distance object intermittently..."

Build healthy habits and feel proud.

Grow your bonsai streak to keep your eyes healthier for longer.

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Extra Features

Fully customizable

Choose your desired break message, or switch to notifications.

Custom break rules

Set how long and how often you want to rest your eyes.

Take a pause

Pause the app when you need some deep focus or in a call.

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